About us

Hello, Thank you for taking the time to look through our website

My name is Carl I am the founder member of Mintaka Bushcraft.

Mintaka Bushcraft is a relatively new company just starting out this year 2015. I am a fully qualified Bushcraft Instructor who has just completed a gruelling 10 month bushcraft instructor’s course with the Woodland School under John Rhyder.
I have also just completed the Natural Navigators Instructors course under Tristan Gooley.

We are based near Camberley Surrey

My grandfather was the Park Keeper at Mad Bess Woods in Ruislip, this is where i got my first taste of bushcraft in its simplest form. I knew nothing about bushcraft at this time but enjoyed being in the woods with my brothers and little sister, never a dull moment. It wasn’t until i got older that my love of the woods returned and i started taking things a little more serious, wanting to know the names of the trees and the wild plants, what you could eat and what you couldn’t, so after doing a few years of studying taking foraging courses and practising bushcraft from books and the internet, i decided to go the whole hog and take on the Bushcraft Instructors course it was hard work but well worth it, and i now want to pass on much of what i have learnt, i want everyone to feel what i feel when i walk around the woods.

Some of my qualifications include,

Bushcraft Instructor NCFE Level 4
First aid rec 2
Food and Hygiene
Bcu 2 (canoeing)
FSR. Foundation safety and rescue (canoeing)
Natural Navigation Instructor Level
NNAS Gold Award (Map and Compass)
DBS Enhanced Certificate

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