Bushcraft course 2 day

Meet at 8 am Sat morning Course starts around 9 am finish around 4 pm Sun afternoon

Bushcraft course 2 day consists of 8 lessons

Knife safety, Fire x5, water, shelter, Debris shelter, craft, Natural navigation, Fire by friction.


Knife safety

You will learn how to use knife techniques and how to use knives safely


In this lesson you will be able to demonstrate your new knife skills by making an atl atl a bullroarer or a butter knife


You will learn various ways of erecting a tarp in order to sleep in it.The choice will be yours hammock or floor.

Fire x5

These are the 5 of the 6 methods of making fire, Solar, Compression, Electrical, Sparks and Chemical You will by the end of this lesson have the knowledge to make fire.


Debris shelters

You will learn the fundamentals of building a debris shelter


In this lesson you will learn how to find, filter and purify water enabling it safe to drink.

Natural navigation

Here we will go for a little walk and learn about natural navigation how to find your direction by just using what nature has supplied us with, this will include a little plant identification and maybe a few animal tracks.

Fire by friction

Fire by friction is one of the 6 methods of lighting fire. Here we will cover bow drill and choosing the right woods in order to build your friction fire sets.


£125.00 per adult – £110.00 per child under 16

Tea coffee and soft drinks are available at no cost

First day/evening, clients should bring packed lunch. All meals supplied throughout rest of course.

Maximum group 16 Minimum group 6 Minimum age 8

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