bushcraft overnight

Bushcraft course overnighter

Meet at 2pm Saturday afternoon Course ends 4pm Sunday afternoon

Saturday afternoon Tarpology

Setting up tarps and hammocks/Tents and roll mats for sleeping. You will learn several different methods of laying out a tarp.


Knife safety

You will learn knife techniques and how to use knives safely.

Fire by friction. Bow drill

An introduction to the 2 main styles of friction fire, what materials to use and where to find them.

Water purification

Sourcing water, filtering it then purifying it with a few different filters and purifiers, natural and manufactured filters.


Having covered fire by friction we will cover the remaining 5 of the 6 methods of lighting fire, each student will get fire one way or another by learning these methods, Electrical, compression, sparks, solar and chemical. (Solar will obviously be dependant on the sun being out).


£85 per adult – £70 per child under 16

10% discount to parties of 4 or more

Tea coffee and soft drinks are available at no cost

First day/evening, clients should bring packed lunch. All meals supplied throughout rest of course.

Maximum group 16 Minimum group 6 Minimum age 8

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