Family day

Consists of 3 lessons

Meeting time at venue car park is 9.00am Course starts at 10.00am and finishes around 3 pm

No Minimum age limit as long as mum or dad takes care of the nappy changing

We try on the family days to make things a little simpler and more fun for the younger kids to get a good start on the understanding of the basics of bushcraft we believe learning can be fun and this course proves that.


Build a little camp with the kids, understand why we need shelter and what tarp set up is used in different weather conditions.

Water purification

Have a little fun with water and learn why water needs purifying in order to drink it.

Bread making

All kids love a bit of cooking.
Butter, Jam, choc chips, raisins and nuts are just some of the ingredients we use in making bread.

Its great fun and is all done over an open fire.

Whilst waiting on the bread to cook we cover safety issues around the fire.

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