Code of Conduct

Mintaka Bushcraft
This Code of Conduct is to provide you the reader the frameworks in which we operate in regards to standards of conduct and safeguarding. Below you will find the standards set out for our staff and instructors so you know exactly what to expect

Our ethos is ;

“To take our knowledge and experiences and pass these on to our students, yet at the same time acknowledge we may not know everything, so when we teach we also listen”

What you can expect from us and what we expect from our staff
Our Instructors
• Instructors will be punctual and be ready to teach 15 mins before the start of any lessons, they will be dressed appropriately in clean and pressed company uniform. Furthermore they will be in possession of any required equipment or protective clothing.
• We expect our instructors to be clean and groomed in appearance.
• Instructors will be in possession of First Aid kits at all times.
• All instructors are trained to Outdoor first aid REC level 2 as a minimum requirement.
• All instructors are trained and certified in food hygiene level 2 as a minimum requirement.
• On our canoe courses and expeditions our instructors are trained in BSU2 and FSR (foundation safety rescue) as a minimum, for any expedition into more remote areas Mintaka will employ and retain a fully certified local guide.
• All our instructors are fully trained in the safe use of cutting tools
• All our instructors are subject to attending and successfully completing refresher skills workshops as and when required.
• All our instructors undergo an enhanced vetting and disclosure and barring checks.

Mintaka Bushcraft operate a zero tolerance approach to the following;
(this section applies to staff and students alike)
• Drugs and alcohol….No controlled drugs or alcohol will be permitted on any courses, except in the case of prescribed medication.
• Discrimination on the grounds of persons, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, faith or cultural beliefs, financial or academic status will not be tolerated.
• Foul language is not tolerated • Behaviour considered to amount to “Bullying” of any kind will not be tolerated.
• Abusive behaviour…. Is not accepted under any circumstances.
• Misuse of equipment…. Causing danger to yourself or others….. Equipment must be used with the utmost safety and caution as per instructions and guidelines.
• We will do our best to meet with any adult or childs special needs and will assess any situation that may arise with carers or parents. Furthermore Mintaka Bushcraft is committed to forfilling any commitments we make whilst complying with the law.
• Fires may only be lit under instructor supervision and only in designated areas.
• Litter must be removed by the student from location if no bins are on location.
• Smoking is not permitted when courses are held inside of buildings or shelters, if a course is held outside then instructor and students will determine a designated smoking area appropriately taking everybody’s comfort into consideration.
• Any Hazardous areas will be pointed out by the instructor to students before the course starts, and advice and instruction given in regards to any precautions needed to be undertaken.
• Students are asked to be vigilant and take personal responsibility at all times for everyone’s safety reporting any hazards they might find to the instructor.
• No persons will be asked to work alone in cutting or cooking situations.
• A risk assessment will be available to view before the start of any course.

Environment and wildlife….

At Mintaka Bushcraft the most important aspect of all bushcraft studies is our environment and the wildlife within it and we expect it to be respected at all times. We follow a leave no trace policy and expect the same of all our students.

“Learning more often than not is a process of failure co operation and discussion, so have a go its better than just sitting there and missing that experience”

Kind regards,
Carl Alsop (MD)